Krishna Comes!

“It was almost dawn before Bivhuti said hesitantly, “Mukunda Sri Krishna hasn’t come. I don’t believe he will come now.” “He will come!” Mukunda replied. “Sit still; keep trying.” They meditated for another hour. Bivhuti at last sighed, “What chance is there? The dawn is breaking. Let us go to bed.” “You may go to bed, if you like. But if I die trying, I shall sit here till he comes.” Mukunda spoke calmly but with iron determination. Suddenly, within the inner temple of his being, he beheld a wondrous vision: Krishna! Krishna, walking on soft clouds of gold! Krishna, thrilling the air of heaven with the music of his flute! Krishna, sweetly smiling his smile of peace! Krishna, his lotus eyes full‐blown with love, softer than flowers, dispelling the darkness of night! “I see him!” Mukunda cried. “I see him, the fair Moon of Gokhul!” “It can’t be true. You must be imagining it,” his friend replied, his voice yet betraying a renewed note of hope. “You shall see him yourself.” Mukunda struck his friend gently on the chest. “I see him, too!” Bivhuti cried at once, “I see him, too!” What bliss welled up in their hearts! Gratefully they thanked the Lord of his wondrous visitation. Bivhuti’s gratitude was mixed with tears for having doubted the divine loving‐ kindness. Mukunda wept for joy. “O Krishna,” he cried, “Lord of Hindustan! I have sorrowed by the lonely Jumna riverbank, where thy flute notes thrilled the air and led wandering calves to their homes. O Divine Krishna, lead all thy lost children, as thou hast led me, back to thy realm of everlasting bliss!”

(Excerpt from “Stories of Mukunda” – Chapter titled: Krishna Comes – By Swami Kriyananda)


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