“If you want to know joy, seek to express joy, if you want to know beauty, seek to express beauty. If you want to know wisdom, seek to express truth in everything you do.” – Swami Kriyananda

START TODAY! (Continue at your own pace)

We are all innately creative beings, and not getting a chance to express that may make us feel blocked or stifled. Life can become a bit monotonous, and art is a great tool to help us with this!

So here are some helpful tips and exercises which have helped me along when I have felt stuck. These are designed to be done over 5 days, but you are most welcome to keep each one going as long as you’d like. At the end of this course, you will have a “10 mins a day” challenge which you can use to support you moving forward.

Self-Discovery through Art

A journey to discover your creative potential

Discover the creative expression within through simple, fun methods for awakening and uplifting your consciousness.

Coming Soon: Discover the creative expression within through simple, fun methods for awakening and uplifting your consciousness. In this session we’ll use art as a meditative process for self-discovery and healing. These will be simple methods that can be applied in every aspect of life. Awakening the creativity within us helps us open our hearts and minds, and enriches our lives.

“Art can lift our minds toward higher understanding.” – Swami Kriyananda

Affirmations and Art

A powerful aid in personal transformation

“An affirmation is a statement of truth which one aspires to absorb into his life.” – Swami Kriyananda

Coming Soon: Discover the power of affirmation to transform your thinking and experience of life. We will use simple creative tools to discover our own thought patterns and work with them.  The creative process can help us re-define our attitude and consciousness!

“An affirmation is a statement of truth which one aspires to absorb into his life.” – Swami Kriyananda

Repeated affirmation can help us strengthen our awareness of any quality we want to develop. It is a powerful aid in personal transformation.

Creativity in Daily Life

Meeting inspiration half-way

“When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.” – Sigmund Freud

Coming Soon: Creative activities hold a potential to effect beneficial changes in people’s lives and bring forth greater meaning and purpose. Learn practical tools that can improve your emotional and spiritual health and also benefit others in your life!

We will use very basic yet profound activities which can enhance your creativity. Whether you already have experience in art or are just a beginner, this workshop will give you ideas to get started with and tap into your inner world and bring in fresh inspiration! The goal of this class is that you will be able to go home and add aspects from it to re-inspire your daily life.

In Harmony: Music and Art

Doorways to tap into our inner world

“Music is not a matter of taste — it is a matter of consciousness.” —Swami Kriyananda


Coming Soon: Music and Art have a great potential to resonate with the higher realities of love and joy in our own selves. They have a direct impact on our consciousness.

We’ll explore music that helps uplift our consciousness and tap into the innate harmony that underlies everything. We will also use artistic expression to open our hearts and express the higher inspiration we feel. Together, these two mediums combined can serve in uplifting our consciousness and  and creating inner and outer harmony in us. Join us to discover the use of music and art as doorways to tap into our inner world!

Energize Your Life

Increase the creative energy within you

“Magnetism is the key to success in everything.” – Swami Kriyananda

Coming Soon: Learn how to activate the creative energy that has been trapped by old habits. We can direct and focus it toward re-enforcing our determination toward achieving our goals and higher purpose in life.

Our energy decides our magnetism and our magnetism decides our success in every aspect of life such as our business, work, relationships, and more. We will understand the principles of energy and magnetism, deepen our awareness of our own energy levels and learn tools to develop the right magnetism. We will use simple techniques to increase our energy levels and process the energy activated within us using fun creative techniques that we can apply in every aspect of our lives!

A Journey through Colors

Explore the burst of colors within!

Bring forth your creative expression through movement, yoga and meditative drawing and painting.


Coming Soon: We’ll use simple fun methods to understand the impact of colors and also take a journey through the chakras and connect these colors to our realities within and without!

With this basic understanding we can shift our perspectives in the choices we make in life and the colors we surround ourselves with everyday and learn to consciously uplift our reality.

Healing Journey through Art

Being a light in your own journey

“The instrument is blessed by what flows through it.” – Paramhansa Yogananda

Coming Soon: We can heal ourselves by applying positive energy to situations that come to us. And learning to focus and energize our thoughts can transform our lives.

We’ll learn simple yet powerful healing techniques which will enable us to creatively incorporate these positive solutions. As we apply these tools, we will embark on a healing journey for ourselves which can also benefit others around us.

Gratitude: The Cycle of Creativity

Expand your grateful heart energy

“Gratitude is a way of returning energy for energy received” – Swami Kriyananda

Coming Soon: By learning to return energy for the energy we receive, we can build the cycle of creativity, prosperity and greater joy in our lives.

We will use exercises and fun creative techniques that will open our heart and learn to share it with all in our lives. Group activities will help us tune into a larger reality which we can then learn to share with all in our lives. Expand your grateful heart through simple activities we will use in this session!

Art and Yoga

Activate and direct your inner energy

Explore creative expression through movement, yoga postures and meditative drawing and painting.


Coming Soon: We will use Art and Yoga as tools for self-discovery that can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Ananda Yoga uses postures to relax the body and raise the level of consciousness by working directly with the body’s subtle energy. When we are immersed in a creative flow, we open our hearts and minds and awaken our creative potential.

Discover your Child-like Spirit

Re-connect with your authentic creative self

Re-connect with your authentic child-like spirit through the process of creative expression and art!


Coming Soon: We’ll use simple, fun exercises to bring out the unique gifts deep within us! By becoming child-like, we activate our inner joy and we can see how to apply it in enriching our daily lives.

No Art experience is required in this workshop! Just come and enjoy the freedom to express your inner self.