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“Art can lift our minds toward higher understanding.” – Swami Kriyananda

Hi! I’m so glad you could join me here.
Many people share with me that they really want to do some art, or explore creativity but just don’t know where to begin, or have so many huge blocks or fears against it since they were kids. I’ve been there too. Maybe not with art, but definitely with other things in life. And the truth is, we just have to have the courage to try… to get going – just start with little things and you will open a whole doorway – and perhaps gain insight into yourself that you may have been so desperately seeking! I believe art is for everyone. Literally. Everyone. So I welcome you on the journey of discovering a higher potential in us and aspiring to live in greater joy!

About Me


I’m Shamini… an artist, graphic designer and facilitator and hope to share practical tools to increase creativity that can be applied in daily life. As a certified ‘Transformative Artist’ from the Awakening Arts Academy in Italy where I understood more deeply the power and benefit of the creative process, I have facilitated workshops in India and abroad using art and yoga as healing tools to help people connect with their inner lives and find their own unique solutions. I deeply believe that awakening the creativity within us can open our minds and enrich our lives.

What I do:

In times of frustration, loneliness, void, yes sometimes desperation – art has become my friend – and allowed me to tap into places within me that I didn’t know how to reach – and to express from there! It’s been a perfect mirror in times when I needed one. It’s been a vehicle to become my own companion! And it’s given me a chance to tap into the creative source, to attempt to tune into something higher than myself and ask that I be an instrument for that flow of consciousness. I explore this through my personal art process. And that’s what I hope to share with you here: To offer you a few tools and suggestions to get started with making art as a way to bring higher inspiration into our lives.

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Welcome to a place where we will discover and explore a higher potential within us through art!

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It always thrills me to see the change in people’s faces the moment they have a chance to loosen up and express some color on a blank page. And giving them an uplifting outlet to do this makes the whole process so satisfying!

You know, artistic expression is such a brilliant way to understand where we stand right now in this present moment. To understand ourselves more deeply through the colors, forms, words that express through us. And because it is not necessarily a logical process, we get to joyfully explore certain intuitions and messages from the soul that are always trying to guide us and help us move forward in harmony with the bigger picture around us.

How this approach to  art can help you:

We’re all looking to feel more connected in life. And art does this beautifully! By helping us form a connection to:

  • The colors/ shapes you use
  • The canvas/ paper used
  • The subject of your inspiration
  • To yourself
  • Things around you
  • Other people around you
  • Trends happening in your life that are way bigger than you
  • To the creative source/ your higher potential

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I hope you enjoy this time you’ve taken for yourself! Most of the exercises I offer are intentionally short and quick, just to activate a potential in you and help you connect within yourself which may open new worlds for you to discover yourself! With deep gratitude to be able to share this with you, I wish you joyful creative awakenings!

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