5 ways this approach to art can help you

In a world that seems to get smaller and smaller with social media, technology and other means to stay in touch, we seem to be getting more and more isolated! We’re all looking for deeper connections – we want to build them with people in our lives, in our relationships, to our work… but maybe at times we don’t know how to begin.

The truth is if we start with connecting within, then somehow everything else seems to work out just fine. This is one way this self-discovery, inside-out approach to art can help you with by helping each of us form a connection to:

  1. Yourself: It begins with each of us – connect within first and everything else will follow. I decided to give this a shot… and at times it was great, at times it was isolating and lonely – and that’s when I found refuge in art! Ah! An insight into the depths of what’s going on deep within me – an inlet to my soul!
  2. The colors/ shapes/ patterns (& other elements) you use: by allowing yourself to trust your inner guidance with what colors wants to express through you, we begin to work with ourselves in an authentic way. Finally no demands on how something should be, or people telling you what it needs to look like – the answer and the next step forward comes from you.
  3. The canvas/ paper used/ subject of your inspiration: by not approaching a blank sheet as a challenge, rather befriending it, we learn to form a connection to it, allow it to guide us in our process and to come alive for each of us!
  4. People around you: when you’re working with yourself, and taking responsibility for the kind of energy you put out, your relationships in your life automatically begin to flourish. Art can help with this by providing an authentic outlet for what you may be going through, to help you process something, to see things in yourself.
  5. To the creative source/ your higher potential: When we connect with our own point of origin, the creative source in us, anything we express is going to reflect that spirit and it will be alive and 100% original! Then, not one piece of art is the same, there’s no way it can be… no 2 versions of a flower… or say a mountain when expressed from the inside will look the same! Ever! “Art should help people rise on the level of their soul” – and this is something I’d like to explore with you too! Art has definitely been a medium for me to tap into higher inspiration, to the things that really inspire me. And then we begin to see unique solutions to life’s situations!

Most people share that giving art a chance in this way helped to dissolve mental blocks of “perfection” which they have had for years! Also, many share that they were able to touch qualities in themselves which they never knew they had in them!  We’re all looking to feel more connected in life and art can help with this beautifully!



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