How Art and Creativity can help you

“Our simple duty is to find our unique song deep within us and to sing it to perfection.” – Swami Kriyananda

In times of frustration, loneliness, void, (yes sometimes desperation 🙂 ) – art has become my friend. It allowed me to tap into places within myself that I didn’t know how to reach, and to learn express myself from there! It’s been a perfect mirror in times when I needed one. It’s been a vehicle to become my own companion! And it’s given me a chance to tap into the creative source, to attempt to tune into something higher than myself and ask that I be an instrument for that flow of consciousness.

That’s what I’d like to help you with, if you feel the need to explore and touch an aspect in yourself you’ve been craving for so long but didn’t know how to reach! Everything I offer here is in the spirit of offering my “talent” as something of use to others – that can help them in some way. I’ve tried to put together a series of simple exercises, tools, and workshops to get you going – whatever it is you’d like to try… my hope is to share with you something I feel deeply privileged to have accessed and hope the same for you in your own way! May each of us find our unique song deep within us… and begin to sing!

How it all began [If you’d like to know more of this story, click here]

How I hope to help you:

My aim it to offer you a few tools, suggestions to make art as a way to bring higher inspiration into our lives. My strength lies more in helping you activate your creative energy, which will then find its way into everything you do! Then any techniques you add on will have something that’s truly you in it!

I believe art is for everyone. Literally. Everyone.  I have this weird thought when I’m travelling {in a metro or a plane} and I look around at people and visualize how it would be if at that moment I handed everyone a box of colors/ crayons and some paper and how that could change the entire mood and environment! 😀 Fantasy? Ridiculous? Maybe… but why do I know it’s for everyone? Who am I to be saying this? –  Over the workshops I’ve done, it always thrills me to see the change in people’s faces the moment they have a chance to set free on the page and throw some color around. And giving them an uplifting outlet just makes the whole process so satisfying!

Some people have a huge block or fear of trying something creative – and the truth is we just have to have the courage to try it… to get going – just start with little things and you’ll open a whole door! To gain insight into yourself that you may have been so desperately seeking!

So why is this so important? Here’s the essence of what I’d like to share with you:

  • Forming deeper connections: We’re all looking for deeper connections – we want to build them with people in our lives, in our relationships, to our work… but maybe at times we don’t know where to begin. The world is getting smaller – but we seem to get more and more isolated. I’ve heard that it begins with me – connect within first and everything else will follow. So I decided to give it a shot… and at times it was great, at times it was isolating and lonely – and that’s when I found refuge in art! Ah! An insight into the depths of what’s going on deep within me – an inlet to my soul!
  • Traditional techniques v/s Encouraging authentic expression: There are plenty of wonderful artists out there who can show you many techniques better than me. (I myself am not a fine-art trained person – my technical training is more in graphic design!) But I love playing with paint, the use of color, the feeling of my fingers in the paint, the water on the blank page. And there’s something very healing and satisfying about the process of allowing colors, forms, a piece of art, a painting to emerge without needing it to look a certain way. I’ve been exploring this, and am eager to share with you insights, tools and fun learnings to help you get started on you own journey.
  • Open up first – then refine as you go along: There are so many techniques that can be added to your creative expression – the point is to just get started in a way that feels good to you. Have fun with it first, tap into your own unique depth and soul wisdom. Then you’ll automatically open a door that makes you want to discover more!!!
  • Inside-Out expressions: We usually worry about how to be original, where do we fit in, where do we not – but the truth is when we tap into our own inner world, anything we express is going to be completely authentic and 100% original! Then, not one piece of art is the same, there’s no way it can be… no 2 versions of a flower… or say a mountain when expressed from the inside will look the same! Ever!
  • Connect with a higher potential in you: The creative source, God, whatever you would like to call it – art has definitely been a medium for me to tap into higher inspiration, to the things that really inspire me. “Art should help people rise on the level of their soul” – and this is something I’d like to explore with you too!

To my great relief I am now beginning to find that the more I know myself better (the more connected I am to myself), the more I’m able to put my heart into everything I do, because I feel more connected to it. So I’m on this fun journey of learning how to understand who I am, and own it! And that’s what I’d like to share with you! That we may grow in this together.


Exercises you can do:

To get started with this process, I’d like to share a few basic tools you can use to warm up – and get going! Click here to explore this! [Coming Soon]