Waking up to a New Dawn

The end of the year offers a great time to reflect on our accomplishments, habit patterns and things we have been working towards, in an attempt to begin the next year with renewed enthusiasm and focused energy.

This process for me began with the blessing to be part of a spiritual retreat happening where we live with some wonderful people! It presented the opportunity to wake up early, serve our dear guest a hot cup of tea, and join the early morning meditation which was followed by a short walk in silence! I have been trying to wake up earlier in the mornings (a phase many of us probably go through), and start my day right. No amount of will power has helped much over the last months and it has impacted my entire lifestyle and energy level. So this morning, as I woke up with no resistance (mainly because there was no option to hit the snooze button), I was really surprised at how easy and energizing it was!

As I left the house to go over to the meditation, I looked up at the beautiful night sky with a well-defined crescent moon shining through the trees. After the meditation, at the crack of dawn, the entire group went out for a walk around the property. It was foggy with a fresh breeze blowing lightly, and all of a sudden we came across a few horses in their confined territory out for their morning run! And behind them, the sun rose to greet us. What a magical sight! By the time we got home, I couldn’t help but realize how much life has to offer to us, and how much we miss just by not showing up! This painting was in aspiration to wake up to a new dawn, and all that life has to offer.



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