The Secret of Health is…Color ????

Staying Radiantly Healthy Through Color

I hope you are doing very well, dear friend. How have you been spending this time at home? It has been so inspiring to watch people being so creative with their time (cooking interesting things, cherishing family time, just listening to the birds, working out at home, learning a new skill, meditating, reading more etc.), and I’m sure you are one of them too!

A few weeks ago, I came across one of Swami Kriyananda’s Secrets of Radiant Health which is “to become conscious of colors as channels of energy. Surround yourself with cheerful, harmonious colors. Inhale them mentally. Shun dark, “muddy” or depressing hues.

I’ve been really interested in how we can implement this into our lives right now and here are a few thoughts.

Have you heard of a “Color Hunt”? It’s basically something like you go on a walk (in this phase it would be near your house, or perhaps inside it ;)) and try to pay attention to the colors around you and absorb them into your consciousness. And for artists, it’s great especially if you are in need of color inspiration for a painting you are starting or working on.

Making our own color wheel is a great opportunity to dip into the whole spectrum of our pallets! It is also helpful to place your color wheel over a painting if you want to see what other colors you might add or change.

Here’s Swami Kriyananda’s advice on diet – “When selecting food, choose them for their diversity of colors. This will help ensure that your diet has the proper balance. ”

Other little suggestions: paying attention to the colors we wear, what is around us in our rooms or on our walls & shelves, enjoying the plants in our home or balcony, or the trees outside. Also perhaps a brightly colored mug for your cup of chai, absorbing the morning sunshine, or just taking out your art supplies or stationary and keeping them easily accessible.

Any my favourite one: Throw a bunch of bright paints onto your paper and let the colors flow together!

Paintings 2 dear friends did this week

Painting I’m currently working on

I’m sure you have so many more ideas! I leave you with this beautiful message someone sent on Holi (which actually inspired this painting) – “May God paint the canvas of your life with the most beautiful colors at every step”.

As this situation evolves, let’s stay radiantly healthy by paying attention to all the gifts we have in our lives and cherish the vibrant colors around and within us! 🙂


  1. Promilla

    I really loved this blog dear Shamini !!
    It gave me insights on how to use colors in my life , not just when I’m painting ! But yes even when I’m painting ????
    Thank you very much for sharing it .

    1. Sarvesh

      What a lovely and inspiring message, Shamini.
      As much as the vibrant colours, it is the simplicity and layers of depth portrayed that sinks deep into my heart!
      God Bless????????????

  2. Anonymous

    Yes! The Secret of Health is inďeed Colour. Thank you for sharing this much needed thought (particularly in these challenging times) reminding us that we need to focus on ‘Staying Radiantly Healthy through Colour’. Very Inspiring


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