In the Light That Binds Us

I write to you from Ananda Village in California where many of us just spent a week honouring and celebrating 50 years of Ananda, cooperative community living and Swami Kriyananda’s life! Over 900 people gathered together from all around the world and it was an indescribable experience.

At the end of the week Sadhana Devi was telling some of us of a very sweet way someone once ended an email to her which said: “in the light that binds us”. And we realised that in a way this line summed up the entire week! It seemed like what happened here over this week was intended to bless the entire world, to offer rays of light out to any and all who may want to be a part of it! And all who were present (in person or in spirit) were bound together in this light!

One thing that touched me was the depth of commitment each person present expressed. Through each conversation, smile, song or speaker on stage giving a talk, what was most inspiring was the commitment from each person to try to be the best version of themselves, to attune to higher consciousness and express that in any possible way. Each person expressed that same light from deep within themselves.

We also had an “Ananda World Market” over 3 days with devotees from different centers around the world displaying their creativity – hand-made items, paintings from the heart, natural products from the Ananda gardens, altars, books, meditation products and so much more! I got to be a part of this energy and at some point felt so inspired to be in that room with so many great souls who had reached deep within themselves and expressed that same light in a unique and uplifting way!

Swami Kriyananda spent his entire life dedicating every breath to serving his Guru and through that expressed this light that touches us all today! In building Ananda, Swami Kriyananda said that he let others develop the community in the way they thought was important (such as the buildings, plans, rules) and what he concentrated on was the right spirit! He said, “When the spirit is right, everything else follows naturally.” And this is the spirit we get to experience and revive when we join together in harmony!

In deep gratitude to be a part of this network of light that connects all of us (you and me) in this journey back home to our divine source!


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