Durga Devi

Swami Kriyananda said that “there is a great need in the world today for more of a consciousness of the Mother aspect of God. We need more of the qualities of compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, and universal brotherhood—in contrast to a world that appears to be ruled by greed, warfare, poverty, and injustice.”

During Navaratri (a festival in India honoring the Divine Mother) , I got fascinated by the amount of devotion all around the city that was so tangible upon looking beyond the rituals of fasting, feasting and celebration. I became curious as I had never really connected with this festival and thought to do some research. In essence there are nine forms of Goddess Durga worshiped with great devotion over nine nights, and ofcourse each form has its own significance which in itself is fascinating! And Goddess Durga, according to vedic scriptures, is a symbol of power. She is portrayed as an eight armed Goddess riding on a lion and the strength and courage depicted in most of her forms was something I felt drawn to tune into through this piece, which is possibly reflected in the intensity of colors used. Each weapon she carries in her hands also has great significance. But mostly it was that energy I felt I needed in this phase of life which I wanted to call upon, the courage to bring in the light and share it with all! May Divine Mother inspire our journeys and awaken greater strength and courage in our lives!


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